Would you like to know how to remove that IRA, 401-k, TSA or other qualified fund from "tax prison"?


Would you like to know how to rescue annuity contracts that you now realize are too restrictive or are just not making very much by way of returns?


Would you like to know how to quickly and easily change any taxable retirement nest egg of yours to a tax-free status?


My web site address, www.taxfree2U.com speaks to the importance of legally saving everything we can from going to pay taxes and my depth of experience speaks for me.  

I have been in the financial field for three decades serving in various nationally (SEC) or state licensed capacities either as a securities representative, mortgage broker, insurance agent and/or retirement funding specialist.  I have served as a board member for a major international charitable funding organization and co-presented with attorneys who specialize in revocable living trust work.  I have designed annuity marketing programs and trained annuity seminar specialists nationwide.   I have even taught the state mandated insurance licensing course to aspiring insurance agents in the state of Florida. NOW I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE THE BEST RETIREMENT AND TAX SAVINGS STRATEGY I HAVE WITNESSED TO DATE!  It is the driving force I live and work by today.  Remember, it's really all about what we get to keep AFTER federal, state and local taxes!   


When it comes to retirement planning, I have a very strong belief system built on the following principles: I don't want to see clients losing money.  I don't want clients putting money at risk or being in danger of running out of money when it counts the most during retirement years.  And, I don't think any of us should pay more than our fair share of taxes!  Safety of principal is paramount but KEEPING more of your hard-earned dollars is just as important.


1. Call or email me with your contact information.

2. I will invite you to one of our seminar programs that includes a great dinner.

3. If you like what you hear, make an appointment to see me in my office.

4. And, no obligation and no fees involved.

Incidentally, it is highly unlikey that your current broker or analyst is knowledgable concerning the implementation of this specialized strategy.  And why do I think this?  Well, simply put, ongoing broker fees are just not possible with this program.


Don Murphy, President  DFM Financial


     DFM Financial


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              "You made it...now keep it & get it tax free!"





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Dinner Seminar "Transferring 401K's and IRA's to Tax Free with No Out of Pocket Expenses!"


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Recently a client of ours, age 63, was able to transfer an annuity to our unique new strategy, protect her money, and DOUBLE her planned retirement income stream.  And, her retirement income will now be distributed tax free instead of being taxed at her current income tax bracket of 32%!


We have been very successful in helping clients convert IRA accounts, 401-K accounts, tax sheltered annuities (TSA's), and just regular annuities into tax free monthly retirement income distributions and dramatically increase their overall estate at the same time.


Can this specialized strategy work for everyone? No, certainly not, but you owe it to yoursef and your family to spend an hour or so with us...and that's a complimentary session by the way....and let us analyze your situation to see if this very unique program can work for you.